Small Groups



The purpose of a small (home) group is to encourage each other and build on our foundation in Christ through the word of God and discipleship. A small group may operate for any length of time, from years to a matter of weeks. The following small groups are available at GRCC.


  • Mens Group – Saturday Mornings
  • Ladies Group – Tuesday Evenings
  • College and Careers – Wednesday Evenings
  • Prayer Focus – Tuesday Mornings
  • Mixed Gender – Every other Sunday Evenings


Acts 20:20
Home groups were the backbone of the early church. Home groups were the gathering together of the church regularly, at times other than public worship.


The philosophy of GRCC is to bring others to Christ and build on that foundation through the word of God and discipleship, encourage others to serve God and therefore bring glory to God. Everything that happens in the life of GRCC has this basic philosophy behind it, including the ministry of small groups.

The “One Another” Principle:

Rom 12:10
Rom 15:7
1 Corth 12:25
Gal 6:2
Eph 4:32
1 Thess 5:11
Heb 10:24
James 5:16
1 Peter 4:10
1 John 4:11
be devoted to one another
accept one another
care for one another
bear one another’s burdens
forgive one another
build up one another
stimulate one another to good deeds
confess your sins to one another
serve one another
love one another

One of the most effective settings to be obedient to the word of God is to pursue these Biblical actions and attitudes with “one another” is through small group ministry.

For more information on small groups or how to enroll please contact us.